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City of Lawrence website. Access to city departments and information. Learn of upcoming city events.
Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission. As the regulatory authority for Massachusetts Retirement Systems you can find the general laws covering your rights and benefits as well as our recently audited report, annual reports, supplementary regulation.
Retired State, County and Municipal Employees Association of Massachusetts. Learn about Mass Retirees, membership, upcoming meetings and legislation.
Massachusetts Teacher´s Retirement Board. For Lawrence school teachers who contribute to this retirement system.
Social Security Administration. Things you should know about getting or replacing your social security card, medicare, your personal social security statement and much more.
Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission. Provides Lawrence Housing Authority and Greater Lawrence Technical H.S., Retirees and their dependents with access to quality benefits.
Massachusetts Department of Revenue.  Find Tax professionals, online services, state tax forms.
United States Internal Revenue Service.  Online services, tax forms, information about your refund.
Division of Administrative Law Appeals.  The Division of Administrative Law Appeals ("DALA") is an independent central agency that conducts hearings on Retirement Cases. The Contributory Retirement Appeal Board must assign appeals of decisions of the Commonwealth´s retirement boards and the Division of Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission to DALA, pursuant to G.L. c.32, §16(4).
Text of the General Laws are periodically updated to reflect any changes made to them.  Includes all amendments to the General Laws.
The Lawrence Retirement Board currently uses New England Pension Consultants as our Investment consulting firm. Our current managers are Douglas Moseley and Marty Coughlin. New England Pension consultants are located at One Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 (617) 374-1300.
The Massachusetts Association of Contributory Retirement Systems. Retirement Board Information.


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